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Ang Ku Kueh Girl & Friends: The Kan Cheong Spider


SKU: 9789814757126

Wang Shijia


Meet Ang Ku Kueh Girl and her friends Png Kueh Girl, Kueh Lapis Girl, Curry Puff Boy and Roti Prata Boy in this charming new series for early readers. Be enchanted by some of Singapore’s most beloved foods.

Join Ang Ku Kueh Girl and her brother Ang Ku Kueh Boy on another adventure with Red Egg at the Dragon Playground in The Kan Cheong Spider.

About the Author:
Wang Shijia has been creating Singapore-themed accessories as a hobby since 2003. She reinterprets Singaporean food culture and heritage as characters in a light-hearted manner, seeking to bring joy and happiness to the world through her charmingly illustrated characters Ang Ku Kueh Girl® and FriendsTM.

Shijia’s Ang Ku Kueh Girl® and FriendsTM have appeared in the Jubilee Baby Gift campaign, educational posters, a colouring book, family card games, wrapping paper and other gift items, and Shijia is also the designer for the official birth certificate and folder for SG50 babies born in 2015.

ISBN: 978-981-4757-12-6
Format: Paperback
Size: 152mm x 229mm
Pages: 48pp
Published: July 2016

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