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Winner of Singapore Book Awards 2018, Best Middle Grade/Young Adult Title

Epigram Books


Why do Malays use “bin” and “binte” in their names? Why are there two Hari Rayas? Why do women cover their heads? We provide the answersand useful tips as wellto some of the most-asked questions young Singaporeans have about the Malay community, including why green is special to Malays.

Why Do Malays Avoid Pork? is part of a series of four illustrated handbooks, each with 20 questions and answers to promote understanding of the different races and cultures in Singapore. 

About the Author
Edmund Wee is the founder of Epigram Books which was set up to champion Singaporean literature. It publishes mainly fiction—from picture books to graphic novels to literary bestsellers. Its authors have won all the major book prizes, including the Hedwig Anuar Children’s Book Award, Singapore Literature Prize and Singapore Book Awards since it started in 2011. It also sponsors Singapore’s richest literary award, the annual Epigram Books Fiction Prize. Wee Editions, another imprint, supports local designers, photographers and artists.

ISBN: 9789814655712
Format: Paperback
Size: 229mm x 152mm
Pages: 44pp
Published: March 2017

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