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Jack Is Curious Series: Do Farts Make Old People Go Faster? (Book 4)


SKU: 9789814845502

“Jai loved it the first time I read to him. He saw himself (only child, loves trains and TV) and asked me to read Will I Grow Old? the second night because he loves tickles too!”
—Bao Poh Yin Eng, co-founder of Lagom Kids

🎁Recommended for ages 3 and above

Linda Locke
Illustrated by Chloe Chang

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See the world from the inquisitive eye of a child. A perfect series for bedtime reading.

Jack is cheeky and curious and lives in an old Peranakan-style house in Singapore. He is interested in all people, especially the old people. One day he hears some odd noises while going to the supermarket with Mama. Whoooosh! Prrrahhp! Bssshhh! He then sees old people zooming forward. What is happening? Mama explains he is hearing gas escaping...and that gives Jack an idea.

Mama’s unconventional approach to her son’s curious nature will tickle readers young and old.

About the Author
Linda Locke is the co-author of Agnes and Her Amazing Orchid, a picture book about the creator of the Vanda Miss Joaquim, and has more than 300 creative awards to her name. She later started her own consultancy, Godmother Pte Ltd, and held several key positions at Club21.

About the Illustrator
Chloe Chang graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Animation from Nanyang Technological University. She is currently working as an animator for PaperplaneCo and illustrates children’s books in her free time.

Praise for the Series
“Very fresh and very personal. A mother sharing secrets with her son—and with the reader at the same time.”
—James Lee, author of the bestselling Mr Midnight and Mr Mystery series

ISBN: 9789814845502
Format: Paperback
Size: 200mm x 200mm
Pages: 28pp
Published: September 2019

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