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Fall In! The Unofficial Guide to Surviving Basic Military Training (Preorder)


SKU: 9789814901383

Currently taking preorders for this title, orders for this book is expected to be fulfilled by end March 2020.

Matthew Chew & Nicholas U Jin

Basic Military Training. Every Singaporean male goes through it, yet not everyone gets all the details beforehand. We’re here to help—unofficially.

We’ve got your go-to FAQ to Basic Military Training (BMT) and National Service (NS)—everything you want to know. And we mean everything. Written for boys and their worried parents, Fall In! pulls back the curtain on a rite of passage and explains all the baffling terms. Are mobile phones really prohibited? What is a water parade? What can you bring to make life at camp easier (pro-tip: a little Febreze goes a long way)? And how do you handle the unavoidable Tekong barber?

This easy-to-read, comprehensive guide goes beyond what Mindef will tell you and is the perfect companion to BMT. The authors talked to many insiders during their time in NS and received support from the National Youth Council to write this book.

About the Authors
Matthew Chew enlisted in 2016 and trained as a wheeled vehicle technician, eventually attaining the rank of corporal first class. After he completed his service in 2018, he resumed his studies and is pursuing medicine at the National University of Singapore.

Nicholas U Jin enlisted in 2016 and went through seven months of Officer Cadet School before becoming an administrative support assistant at the Signal Institute. After he completed his service in late 2017, he went on to pursue his bachelor’s in Jurisprudence (Law) at the University of Oxford. Nicholas is also the founder of a fashion tech company, MBF, and started a university admissions consultancy for underprivileged students.

"A concise, quirky guide to the National Service enlistment process, this book is a must read for everyone on the brink of enlistment. Interspersed with nuggets of wisdom and humour, it underlines the tips and tricks for Basic Military Training while acting as a thorough guide."
—Teo Xue Shen, author of 18 Walls who completed full-time NS in 2018

"If SAF issued this to all recruits, maybe there wouldn’t be so many blur sotongs around. Actually accurate and clear."
—Private Chan Bing En, currently in NS

ISBN: 9789814901383
Format: Flexibound
 129mm x 198mm
Published: March 2020

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