Because life is too short to be predictable. 

As readers, we're always looking for a new book to capture our imagination. That's why we trawl the Internet for book reviews, look out for the latest prize-winners, hunt down friend recommendations and get updated on bestseller lists. We might have rows of books sitting on our shelves, but it doesn’t deter us from looking for The Next Great Read.

So if you’re unsure of which book to embark on next and you relish surprises, we’d love for you to have a blind date with our books. A member of the Epigram Books team has specially curated a bundle of six titles that we hope you’ll enjoy reading. So why not take a chance and discover unchartered reading territories? Try us.

This is a personalised bundle of books, but you'll be sure to get:
- 2 x Fiction
- 1 x Children's Book
- 1 x Graphic Novel
- 1 x Play / Poetry
- 1 x Food Book

Buying For A Friend?
If you're looking to make a gift out of the bundle, please indicate this in the comments box before you check out. We will take extra care to make this present a memorable one! 

Got A Question? 
1) What happens if I already own one or some of the books? 
Thank you for being a supporter of our books, and we hope you enjoyed the reads. Unfortunately we’re unable to offer exchanges or refunds in this case, but we encourage you to give the extra copy to a friend as we believe good things are meant to be shared. :)

2) How do you choose the books? 
For the surprise bundle, a member of the Epigram Books staff will carefully choose a selection of books according to personal preference.  

3) Can I exchange any of the books? 
Though we’re not able to offer exchanges for books you already own or have read (refer to Q1), if your book has been damaged in the post, we are able to conduct exchanges on a case-by-case basis. Please email us if this happens.

4) Do I have to pay for shipping? 
Epigram Books offers free local shipping for all your purchases. For international orders, shipping rates would still apply.

To Singapore shoppers:
All the books that are listed on our website are priced before 7% GST and the final price will only be reflected at checkout. 

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