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Olympian and Officer: Memoirs of a Champion (Preorder)


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Kesavan Soon

Kesavan Soon was only seventeen years old when he went to Melbourne to compete in the Summer Olympics. It was 1956. The young sprinter found multiple obstacles as he trained for his big moment representing Singapore. He even called it “a waste of time”, but his passion for sports never died, and Kesavan has long believed that sports is the one thing that can unite a nation.

His enduring tale continues with his service in the Singapore Armed Forces, where he had a three-decade career. He saw his fair share of conflict, including the Konfrontasi, and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. His dedication for sports didn’t end there; he served with the Singapore Amateur Athletics Association and the Hong Leong Group for several more decades.

About the Author
Kesavan Soon represented Singapore in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics and went on to serve as a longtime military officer. At the Games, he competed in the 100m and 200m sprinting events. He served in the Singapore Armed Forces for three decades and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. He was also the Vice President of the Singapore Amateur Athletics Association (now known as Singapore Athletics). In retirement, he continued his dedication to sports with the Hong Leong Group.

ISBN: 9789814901000
Format: Paperback
Size: 225mm x 152mm
Pages: 208pp
Published: April 2020

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