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How to Please Your Boss



Turn your small talk into big talk. Have a boss? Then this book is for you!

These superskills will unlock your hidden potential as Employee of the Year.

  • Take fewer toilet breaks
  • Never complain about anything
  • Work more overtime (unpaid)
  • Never use annual leave
  • Buy your own insurance
  • Pay for your own CPF
  • Do not fall sick

How to Please Your Boss offers practical tools, unexpected insights and inspiring real life stories so you can build a successful and meaningful relationship with your superior.

  • Notebook
  • 100 pages of blank, quality paper
  • Flexibound and threadsewn
  • Size: 130mm x 200mm
  • Paperback

"This book changed my life!"
–Samantha from HR, two-time nominee for Employee of the Year (Best Intern)

"I never knew I needed this book–until my boss told me I needed this book"
–Susie, receptionist and League of Legends champion (Yishun division)

"Makes Tony Robbins seem like an expert!"
–The Big Book of Best Boss Book

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