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Button: The Hokkien Therapy Dog


SKU: 9789814845922

Fiona Foo

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Hokkien Button is no ordinary dog. She was trained as a therapy pet who understands Hokkien, winning the hearts of many. When Fiona first meets Button, something clicks. Here is a loveable dog who is being mistreated and unloved. So Fiona decides to steal her, and they soon transform each other’s lives. In fact, Fiona used to have a terrible fear of dogs—so how does she become the founder of Hope Dog Rescue, saving strays and finding them forever homes? For her part, Button learns affection and a calm confidence. She begins to understand Hokkien and is trained to become a therapy pet, visiting Hokkien hospice patients and bringing joy to many. Though Button is no longer with us, this is her inspiring story.

About the Author
Fiona Foo founded Hope Dog Rescue in July 2011. Growing up she had a terrible fear of dogs, but her first dog, Popsicle, helped her overcome that fear. Now she is passionate about saving stray and abandoned dogs, fostering them and working to find forever homes for them.

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ISBN: 9789814845922
Format: Paperback
Size: 198mm x 129mm
Pages: 128pp
Published: March 2020

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