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[Asia's Lost Legends] Suho: The Creation of the Horse-head Fiddle (Preorder)


Currently taking preorders for this title, orders for this book is expected to be fulfilled by early April 2019.

Catherine Khoo
Illustrated by Jayne Ong 

In the steppes of Mongolia lives a young fiddle player named Suho and his beloved horse, Khuur. The two friends are inseparable, until a cruel king tries to tear them apart. But the bond between Suho and Khuur is so strong that it cannot be broken; instead, it inspires the creation of Mongolia’s national instrument.

About the Author
Catherine Khoo founded Janus Education, Singapore’s first boutique publisher of imprints for under-18s by under-18s. She has published two bestselling non-fiction books and is the author of Love Notes and Golden Legends, a collection of legends from around the world. 

About the Illustrator
Jayne Ong illustrates widely, from digital design and infographics to children’s books. 

ISBN: 9789814785525
210 x 260mm
Pages: 32pp

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