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Open House Adventures


SKU: 9789811427152

Join best friends Zulkifli, Priya, Jing Kai and Julailah as they discover Istana's hidden history during an open house!

  • Activity sheets at the back
  • Filled with mystery and adventure to ensure that kids keep turning the page
  • Specially commissioned to commemorate Istana's 150th anniversary
  • Looking at the Istana in a way that we've never done

The Curious Sounds of the Istana
Zulkifli, Priya, Jing Kai and Julailah's initial plan for a peaceful bird-watching expedition takes on a different dimension when the cool Uncle John gives them a mysterious map that takes them on a merry chase, led by some curious feathered friends.

Join the children as they are whisked away on a merry chase led by some curious feathered friends, right through the beautiful grounds of the Istana!

Bonus: an exclusive fold-out Istana Mysterious Map included!

The Hidden History of the Istana
While Zulkifli, Priya, Jing Kai and Julailah are hoping to meet the President, they bump into a volunteer gardener instead, the mysterious Uncle John, who leads them to an incredible escapade that is beyond their wildest dreams.

In the building, the four children hear interesting tales of Istana's past. Before you know it, it's time to leave and the kids cannot wait to come back for another open house.

Bonus: a mini Istana cut-out included!

The Living Memories of the Istana
On their second visit to the Istana during the National Day open house, Zulkifli, Priya, Jing Kai and Julailah wander into a hidden office where they go on a wild and magical journey into the Istana's past.

The children find a mysterious photo album that blitzes them into a world outside their imagination, where they meet some very famous VIPs who have at some point graced the halls of the Istana.

Their time in this alternate timeline is short, however, and the four children return to the open house with a fresh perspective of the Istana.

Bonus: a no-bake cookie recipe included!

ISBN: 9789811427152 (The Curious Sounds of the Istana), 9789811427138 (The Hidden History of the Istana), 9789811427176 (The Living Memories of the Istana)
Format: Paperback
Size: 220mm x 170mm
Pages: 48pp
Published: September 2019
Publishers: Epigram Books and The Istana

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