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Freddy the Eager Fundraiser


SKU: 9789811700583

🎁Recommended for ages 9 and above

Swapnil Mishra
Illustrated by Lai Hui Li

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Freddy finds out about the devastating 2015 earthquake in Nepal from his family and hears how his Dad had survived one in India. Moved by the plight of the earthquake victims, Freddy wants to contribute to his middle school’s fundraiser with the Singapore Red Cross; he and his brother work on household chores for pay and attempt to set up a lemonade stand, but Freddy feels it is too small a contribution. Discouraged and about to give up, Freddy is inspired by a young girl selling cookies at his inter-class football game and decides to give it a second run. Inspired by his younger brother Ray, who plays the ukulele, Freddy calls on his friends, family, and colleagues of his parents to set up a fundraiser/awareness fair within two weeks, battling and surmounting challenges along the way.

Advance Praise
"Freddy the Eager Fundraiser is an easy-to-read true story of kindness, responsibility and resilience. Freddy is an unusually determined character who shows imagination and maturity. Learning quickly from his mistakes, he pushes himself to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve success beyond his wildest dreams.”
—Linda Locke, co-author of Agnes and Her Amazing Orchid

“A charming debut which explores the value of fundraising, community and family. Full of humour and heart."
—Pip Harry, award-winning author of I'll Tell You MineHead of the River and Because of You

About the Author
A banker by profession and teacher by choice, Swapnil Mishra holds the confluence of enterprise and social goals close to his heart. Swapnil is an Adjunct Teaching Mentor at the Singapore Management University, mentoring students through classroom projects on social finance and economic development in partnership with Singapore-based voluntary welfare organisations like Trybe and We Care. In his free time, Swapnil searches for challenges that help him get lost in the wilderness. He has run a marathon, hiked the remote Tasmanian marshlands and done a solo bushwalking trek into Australia’s central deserts. He lives in Singapore with his wife and two growing boys.

About the Illustrator
Lai Hui Li is a Singapore-born Malaysian, and she grew up loving drawing. She studied animation at Nanyang Polytechnic, where she decided to take her hobby to another level and hone her skills. She is currently a full-time illustrator at CraveFX.

Hui Li takes inspiration from her daily life, and from people-watching. She sees the world in simple shapes and beautiful colours, which translates into her illustrations. She also enjoys trying different styles to spice things up a little. Being an illustrator is both a passion and a lifestyle; a challenge and a discipline. Digital is her main medium, and she occasionally paints in traditional medium too, such as gouache, ink and watercolours.

ISBN: 9789811700583
Format: Paperback
Size: 140mm x 215mm
Pages: 156pp
Published: October 2018

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