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《小孩哈利 : 李光耀的童年时代》 第一册


SKU: 9789814655583

Harry children: Lee's childhood

Patrick Yee


The future leader of Singapore spent his growing up years doing what other children did in the 1920s. Harry liked to play with spinning tops, marbles, and kites—even fighting fish! While he was a little mischievous as a child, Harry worked hard in school to achieve academic success, eventually winning scholarships to attend the prestigious Raffles College.

Told in language accessible to young readers, this inspiring picture book about the childhood of Harry Lee Kuan Yew is one that parents, caregivers and teachers can share with children, providing the perfect opportunity for grown-ups to tell share with them his contributions to the country. 

About the Author:
Yong Chen Liqing engaged in a children's book editor for more than 20 years. After graduating from Mills College in California, she moved to New York City to enter the publishing industry. She has served on the Random House is , HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster , responsible editor for the young children to teenagers aged children fiction and non-fiction books.

About the Illustrator:
Quanta is more than more than 100 award-winning children's book illustrator. Some of his books include Little Buddy , Winter the Rabbit and On Being Happy , etc., in the United States with his Rosie Rabbit blackboard series most known, sold a total of nearly 100,000, have been translated into five languages.

ISBN:  9789814655583 
Format:  Paperback
Size:  210mm X 260mm Haomi
Pages:  40
Released: October 2015

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