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Three Sisters of Sze


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Tan Kok Seng

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Set in Penang, the well-heeled Sze family, initially loving, disintegrates as the parents become increasingly absorbed in their own pursuits. Their three children—two of whom are Western educated and one Chinese educated—are, increasingly, forced to think for themselves as they grow up without parental guidance or love. The novel portrays the conflict between different systems of education as well as different value systems, particularly as they all occur within one family. First published by Heinemann Asia in 1979.

This novel is a very welcome addition to the growing volume of Singaporean literature, an ‘insider’s’ accurate portrayal of the mind and the mores of the Chinese. It is undoubtedly a more mature and adventurous work than the author’s earlier trilogy and probably signals even better things to come.
—Ilsa Sharp, The Straits Times

“Three Sisters of Sz is a novel which can be read by different people in different ways, every reader responding according to his own temperament, ‘ethnic origin’ or dialect group! [....] And this kind of readability is, surely, one of the tests of a good novel.
—Sheila Agyei

About the Author
Tan Kok Seng is the well-known author of a trilogy of books based on his life: Son of SingaporeMan of Malaysia and Eye on the World. His fourth book is a novel, originally published as Three Sisters of Sz, by Heinemann Asia in 1979.

Tan’s books were all written first in Chinese and afterwards ‘rendered into English’ in a collaborative effort with his former employer, Austin Coates, for whom Tan worked in Malaysia and Hong Kong. Although his four books had been reprinted several times since their first publication, they were out of print for many years. Son of Singapore, Man of Malaysia and Three Sisters of Sze are now available from Epigram Books.

Tan resides in Singapore with his family.

ISBN: 9789810726881
Format: Paperback
Size: 130 x 200mm
Pages: 228pp
Published: Sept 2012

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