Surrogate Protocol


Tham Cheng-E 


A man of many names and identities. Landon Lock has lived many lifetimes, but his memory spans only days. Because Landon is no ordinary barista.

Danger brews as Landon struggles to piece reality together through the fog of amnesia. A mysterious organisation bent on hunting him down, a man called John who claims to be a friend and women from Landon’s past who have come to haunt him. As the organisation closes in on Landon, he finds himself being increasingly backed into a corner. Battling his unreliable memory, Landon is forced to decide who he can trust.


About the Author:
Tham Cheng-E’s first attempt at writing a novel was a thousand-page endeavour, written for his then-12-year-old brother. Since then, he has been quietly writing novels in his spare time, before finally taking a leap of faith and submitting Surrogate Protocol for the Epigram Books Fiction Prize.

An architect by profession, C heng-E’s believes his penchant for design is closely tied to his love of creating stories. “An unfinished novel is like an incomplete structure. You will want to revisit it constantly and refine it. I like the feeling of gradually crafting something, whether it’s a story or a model.” Believing that the beauty of fiction lies in its power “to explore possibilities”, Cheng- E sought to exemplify this in his novel about an immortal living in an alternate Singapore.

ISBN: 9789811700910
Format: Paperback
Size: 225mm x 152mm
Pages: 388pp
Published: April 2017

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