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Altered Straits


Kevin Martens Wong

Epigram Books Fiction Prize 2015 Longlist


In an alternate 1947 filled with mystical creatures, Singapuran boy-soldier Naufal Jazair is bonded to the merlion Bahana and enlisted in a war against an aggressive neighbour. Meanwhile, in a dystopian Singapore in 2047, SAF officer Titus Ang is tasked with entering Naufal’s universe and retrieving a merlion to save the future of Singapore from the Concordance, a hive intelligence that is close to consuming what remains of humanity.

About the Author::
Kevin Martens Wong is a linguistics major at the National University of Singapore and the editor-in-chief of Unravel: The Accessible Linguistics Magazine. He won the NUS Creative Writing Competition in 2015 for his short story “A Merlion for His Majesty”, and his work has been published in Entlitled magazine. In his spare time, he also works to revitalise the endangered Kristang language in Singapore. He loves books, bicycles, cats, languages, science fiction, most marine mammals and the colour orange, and hopes to become the world’s first astrolinguist before advanced human civilisation ceases to exist in 2039.

ISBN: 9789814757874
Format: Paperback
Size: 225 x 152mm
Pages: 384pp
Published: February 2017

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