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The mid-year holiday season has started and we’re sure everyone is ready to take a good, long break.

But if you’ve already binge-watched every episode of your favourite Netflix series, or ended up on a secluded beach that is a little too secluded for your tastes, and you find yourself with nothing to do, here’s a quick remedy: pick up a book.

It can entertain you for hours, it’s portable, and it doesn’t require electricity or connectivity to work.

Here are some books we've picked for you this holiday. 

For those who have a short attention span: LONTAR Vol 10: The Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction. 
If you get bored easily – especially when you have to take a long drive or ride that doesn’t come with an entertainment service – you’ll want this book. 
LONTAR’s unique, quirky stories with fantastical elements will definitely leave you wanting more. There are more than 25 stories, poems and even a "graphic novella" that ensures that you get enough variety, and what’s more, it won’t take you that long to read each one.
This latest double-sized instalment features works by some of the region’s award-winning names – think Cyril Wong, Dean Francis Alfar, Victor Fernando R. Ocampo, Sonny Liew) as well as hottest new names, including Vida Cruz, Marylyn Tan, Manish Melwani and Natalie Wang. 

For parents who want their kids to steer clear of screen time: Timothy and the Phubbers

 This is film-maker Ken Kwek's (Unlucky Plaza) debut novel, and it tells the story of Timothy, who is new to Secondary School. Unluckily for him, he gets bullied by his schoolmates. He can’t complain to his family because they are all phubbers – people who prefer using mobile devices to interact with each other. However, Timothy and his friends have a plan up their sleeve – one that doesn’t require a mobile phone – to get back at their bullies. 

The children will be inspired by Timothy’s bravado and be amused by his antics; while parents can help explain all the old-school references peppered throughout the book.

For those who want to up their cooking skills: The Domestic Goddess Wannabe Bakes

As the title suggests, this cookbook is chock-a-block with recipes for bakes. The plus point: they easy enough to follow for a first-time baker, and quirky enough for the more seasoned kitchen veterans. Diana Gale, a self-taught culinary instructor, is an award-winning blogger that publishes online recipes for pastries and mains, and this book has more than 80 of them.

These recipes are great for parties, as tea-time snacks or even a complete meal; plus they also have a Singaporean twist to them, such as the savoury Cheesy Bak Kwa Twists, or the delightful The Halia Chiffon Cake or Gula Melaka Coconut Buns.

For those who like something left of centre: The Naysayer’s Book Club

If you are interested in people that challenge the status quo, especially in the sociocultural sphere of Singapore, this is the book for you.
Author Simon Vincent’s first book is provocative in both its title and its content. The book invites readers to “listen” to Vincent’s interviews with 26 naysayers – individuals who go against the grain, such as academic Cherian George, AWARE president Margaret Thomas, film-maker Martyn See and eco-advocate Claire Leow. Not only do they talk about what fuels their passions, they also recommend their favourite books or books that influenced them (so you know, you can now expand your library).

For those into dark comedy and socio-political issues: The Riot Act

We’ve saved the best for the last: Sebastian Sim ­– the author who wrote Let’s Give It Up for Gimme Lao – received the Epigram Books Fiction Prize 2017 for his new novel, The Riot Act.
In the book, three characters, Hashwini, Jessica and Sharon, get involved in the Little India riot and suddenly, their lives are thrown into disarray. Sebastian’s simple writing style that makes complicated and sensitive issues, such as race, easy to navigate through; and reminds readers how there isn’t a singular version and perspective to an event, and that everything is the truth – from a certain point of view.

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June 06, 2018 by Accounts Team EB