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‘Archibald’ Has Some True Fans Indeed

Last month, we invited members at the Budding Writers League to participate in our Advance Review initiative, and we are extremely pleased with the enthusiastic response that our young hero Archibald has generated.

Many were delighted by the gripping plot from author SherMay Loh, who impressed readers with a well-thought-out mystery adventure. Our reviewers exclaimed that they were kept in suspense after suspense, twist after turn, as the mystery of the black knight’s ring unravelled.

One of our young reviewers, Rachel Han, was thoroughly impressed by the book. She wrote:

“Many secrets are uncovered and there are many revelations in the story. Friendships are tested and promises are broken. Each mystery uncovered leads to another mystery…I personally think that Archibald is a wonderful book suitable for readers of all ages. It is one of my all-time favourite books and I think that the writing is pure magic.”
- Miss Rachel Han, 11, from Methodist Girls’ School

Another reviewer, who wrote a lovely, elaborate review, said:

“The themes in the book are admirable and inspiring—honour, dignity, courage, heroism, friendship and love are portrayed in the book. I found the brotherly love between Archie and his older brother very moving.”
-Miss Lee Mei Chuen

We want to thank all our reviewers for reviewing Archibald and the Black Knight’s Ring! Remember to introduce Archie to all your friends, or to anyone who loves a good read!

Oh, and before we forget, you’re all invited to the book launch!

See you on the 2nd of June for a day of games and contests! There are prizes to be won, so bring your friends and family, and grab a copy of Archibald and the Black Knight’s Ring!

May 09, 2012 by Epigram Books Admin