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Stories About Stories is a series where authors bring you behind the scenes and reveal what goes into the creation of a book. 

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In award-winning author Pauline Loh's Lion Boy and Drummer Girl, lion dance has become the hottest pop craze in town.

The boys who make up the troupe – the "lion boys" – are treated like pop stars and there's no shortage screaming fans who follow them from show to show. 

The charmingly handsome Ricky has his fair share of fans, but he only has eyes for Ying Ying, who's not a groupie, but the girl who plays the drums during the performances. She, however, is unimpressed with the fandom that the lion boys have generated, and doesn't care much for Ricky in that way. 

The path of love never did run smooth, but can there even be love in a time of lion dance? 

Here, author Pauline Loh talks to 938Now's Eugene Loh (no relation) about the loyalty of brotherhood, the writing of a romp and why she likes lion dance so much. 


June 11, 2018 by Accounts Team EB