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Lovers of witty stationery, look no further! Designed by Epigram Books, NOTBOOKS are notebooks with distinct personalities. Click on the image to see all 16 designs. We bet you’ll spot at least one or two that remind you of someone you know. (Whether they’d be flattered by the connection is another story.)

NOTBOOKS are currently available at the shops Cat Socrates, Basheer Graphic, Pluck, Woods In the Books, and A Curious Teepee. NOTBOOKS have also been spotted at various fairs around the island such as the Public Garden Flea Market and MAAD. “Like” Epigram Books’ Facebook page to get the latest updates on our travelling NOTBOOKS stall.

You could also order NOTBOOKS online on the Epigram Books site, and enjoy delivery to your doorstep as well as free NOTBOOKS (with a minimum purchase). Whatta deal!

Lastly, these local style blogs have been helping us host NOTBOOK giveaways: Viona Wang, The UrbanWire and Penny’s Daybook. The UrbanWire and Penny’s Daybook are still giving away free NOTBOOKS, so feel free to spread the word.

November 01, 2011 by Epigram Books Admin